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Snapshot profiles of ten significant women in science

The history of Science and Technology is paved with significant contributions made by women; so much so that the disciplines would both benefit substantially if a greater number of girls and women wholeheartedly embrace career paths that involve discovery, curiosity and scientific advancement.

We’ll present a number of profiles of notable scientists, both male and female, in the future, with the hope that their stories may inspire you and others close to you to become world changers. For today, please find below a video that provides brief overviews of the key advances contributed by the following esteemed innovators:

  1. Dorothy Hodgkin
  2. Rosalind Franklin
  3. Barbara McClintock
  4. Maria Goeppert-Mayer
  5. Jane Goodall
  6. Gertrude Elion
  7. Irene Joliet-Curie
  8. Hedy Lamarr
  9. Lise Meitner
  10. Marie Curie

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